Model: 12 digital silicon boxes LS-K002
Series: Stage light console
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Technical Parameters:

(1) Power supply: Three-phase five-wire AC380V ± 10%, frequency 50Hz ± 5%.

(2) Signal Interface: Digital Dual DMX-512 (1990)

(3) Rated power: 12 × 4KW, the maximum output power of each circuit can reach 4kW.

(4) Dimensions (mm): L515 × W485 × H133, stand-alone weight: 19KG.


1. Silicon core components Silicon controlled rectifier silicon chip imported from Germany, the performance is stable and reliable.

2. Good cooling device and forced air cooling and intelligent environmental control system combined.

3. Efficient anti-interference chokes strong anti-interference ability, low noise, current rise time 220us-450us.

4. Each output 4kW, a total of 12 Road, the initial circuit settings, preheat &#118alue set.

5. Dimming curve can be set to linear or switch state, the switch &#118alue is 50%, the input brightness &#118alue is greater than or equal to 50% when the switch output state corresponding output circuit full output, otherwise no output.

6. Overload and short circuit double protection high breaking air switch.

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