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Lisheng service to follow up:
In the normal use of power Sheng stage lighting products, the product if there is a quality problem, Sheng Li Sheng company will provide some follow-up services:
1) Since the delivery of the product within 7 days from the date of testing by our service center to confirm the failure is true, you can choose to enjoy the return, replacement or free repair service or replacement parts.
2) 60 days from the date of delivery, you can choose to enjoy the replacement or free repair service or free replacement parts.
3) You can enjoy free maintenance service or free replacement of accessories within 12 months from the date of delivery of the product; you can enjoy paid maintenance service for more than 12 months.
4) The above power of attribution Sheng company.


Lisheng service pre-sale follow-up:
Pre-sales technical support includes:
1) Understand customer needs and provide value-added services
2) sales work in the formulation of technical solutions
3) professional and reasonable configuration list production
4) positioning the production map
5) focus on the production of dynamic charts
6) Technical training


Sales service follow-up:
Sales technical support includes:
1) Professional technical solutions
2) professional installation and commissioning
3) professional on-site guidance and training


After the customer confirms the orders and orders our products, LISSON promises to provide the clients with samples of the goods within 3 working days. After the samples are confirmed, it will enter mass production. The daily output of the same products shall not be less than 600, so as to ensure the progress of the clients' projects. Delivery logistics company can be specified by the customer, transportation costs agreed upon by both parties contract!



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