Model: Touch the tiger console LS-K008
Series: Stage light console
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Pearl Touch Tiger Tiger Touch console   

Adopt the powerful Titan Titan operating system;

Core Duo processor, 60G SSD, 2G memory

Support Chinese menu display, and built-in multi-language;

Built-in a 15.4-inch touch screen. And can expand a 17-inch touch screen;

8 independent 512DMX output ports

Support Artnet, expandable to 12 DMX outlets, 6144 channels;

10 macro buttons, you can edit any program;

20 playback faders, support for 1000 virtual playback;

Powerful CMY palette function;

Support graffiti handwriting naming function;

Support CITP agreement, can preview the built-in material of server or digital light;

Reserve an external WI-FI access point for remote control using Ipod Touch and iphone;

Built-in thousands of light bulbs, and built-in light library editing software;

Built-in Visualiser visual stage simulation software, support for video;

Provides MIDI timecode control, playback buttons or faders by MIDI remotes;

Built-in pixel mapping and built-in graphics generator.

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