Model: DMX384 console LS-K011
Series: Stage light console
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Technical specifications

* DMX512 / 1990 signal output

* 384 control channels, control 12 32-channel DMX lamps

* There are 30 BANKS, each BANK has 8 programmable SCENES

* 16 adjustable positioners to adjust the output size

* Re-power can run the last Chas or Bank

* Built-in MIC head, providing voice trigger

* In the automatic trigger state, through the TAP SYNC key or SPEED potentiometer to determine the automatic trigger time

* In the MIDI interface, ready to use MIDI signal control

* 4 digital display

* BLACK OUT function can be done manually or MIDI remote control

* CHASES programming and CHASES sports functions, can be used manually or with MIDI remote control

* Output delay function, with FADE TIME potentiometer to adjust the delay time

* DMX signal output connector: XLR-D3F

* LED bulb interface

* Power input: DC9V 10 00mA

* Dimensions: 520mmX183mmX73mm

* Weight: 3.0kg

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